About LAI


The purpose and mission of the Land Alchemy Institute is vast and always evolving. To say that our plan is to save the world implies audacity bordering on hubris, but then again, its good to have goals. If we could restore a single devastated ecosystem to its previous biodiversity, or convert one impoverished community to total sustainable self sufficiency, then the endeavors of this organization would be a success. Hopefully, though, we can accomplish much, much more than that.


The most prolific function of the Land Alchemy Institute is to disseminate cutting edge, translated science to individuals and organizations that are concerned about the effects that modern human life has and will continue to have on the lands that we and our successive generations rely on. We tirelessly dredge through the latest pier reviewed research, conduct in-house trials, and consume endless informational media in order to deduce the simplest, most effective, and most affordable techniques and technologies to integrate our advanced human civilization back into our native environment. Additionally, we set ourselves to task assembling plans and proposals to remediate the damages that rampant “progress” has had, and regenerate damaged ecosystems while still providing for all human needs. Whether or not our proposals are accepted, we will make them available as reference models, along with a wealth of other information for better, healthier living.


Although our ability to be on the ground on all projects is limited by hours and manpower, we do make ourselves available as consultants. We can offer advice, solutions, and reference materials on a plethora of subjects, including:

  • Drought tolerance and remediation
  • Fire abatement
  • Ecosystem restoration
  • Sustainable and regenerative agriculture
  • Urban and alternative farming
  • Bioremediation of toxins, spill cleanup
  • Safe and sustainable cannabis production; hemp and marijuana
  • Homestead and agribusiness planning, systems, and technologies

Community Projects

Members of LAI are active in our respective communities taking the lead on projects that benefit the environment and local citizens. This area will be updated shortly to reflect active and developing projects.